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The Nature of Transcendental Art

Animatic artists are messengers. And animatism really is the art of bringing life into objects. Of animating objects; Or bringing life force, presence into objects. Transferring that energy so that these objects can reflect the Energy into space and onto people within the space.

I feel that transcendental art, by nature, is animatic art. It is animatism by essence. There is a wonderful aspect to the experience of creating non-representational art, that is transcendental by nature, During times when we are translating and working with paper, canvas, color and form, we feel our consciousness altered. It is as though the imagery gives birth to itself, through us. And, during those moments, we are very aware of “no Self”. The ego has vanished. There is no Earth personality. It is true bliss, as some may choose that word to explain the experience.

It is a wonderful extended moment of unity. Of Oneness and communion with all that is. It is very healing and centering, and it feels truly as a function of service to humanity.

Without prior knowledge of accepted or known methods of painting, or school in matters of drawing, it is surprising and delightful to see how the forming of shapes happens on canvas or paper, and how, intuitively, it all happens, when the creation of a painting occurs.

Because it is happening in some form of a trance, an altered state of consciousness, it is a form of vesseling, or channeling, of something that speaks through the artist. We feel that we are a vehicle for the visions.

Those visions were always there with me, from childhood and growing up in France, whether during dream states, or during moments of contemplation. For me, it always felt that it was part of life. It was a natural occurrence.

The Message of Transcendental Art

Visionary art, or transcendental art, it is art with a message. And I think that the message speaks to humanity at large. I feel that those who are ready to receive the message feel drawn to this form of art. Some may consciously understand why, and others may not necessarily know at first why they are pulled toward viewing these images, or listening to certain forms of sound and music. Whether they are consciously aware or not, the message flows through the layers of consciousness and reaches within. It is very powerfully present and effective, and healing.

Transcendental art may be a vehicle toward awakening. It may help humanity go beyond the veil of virtual reality. It may help remember the illusion that is lived every day. Certain images and symbology may help awaken from that dream; and be aware.

Transcending, the creation of transcendental art is a remarkable journey for the artist. As we begin to translate visions that we see with the Inner Eye, we then wonder, very naturally, the meaning of what appears before us. We see, we observe the effect that images have onto others. We feel and see what the Energy does to others.

What we find is that the glyphs, the symbols, the images that appear come forth from the Universal Consciousness. They do exist, as we then see, in the timelessness of existence. We find that they appear in ancient texts, as we see in books, or other forms of printed matter, or as we discuss with scholars and philosophers, and scientists as well. We discover that particular symbols have a very specific meaning, and they bring with them a particular energy or message. They are a language in themselves.

The Visionary Process

From the very first time that I painted, it surprised me how, without ever having taken any painting class, or drawing course, without ever having practiced at the art of painting, how flawlessly the imagery painted itself on canvas or paper.

This is probably the only time in my ordinary functioning where there’s no thinking or no choosing involved. There is somehow an impulse that comes through, of selecting this color or that color, to mix them together, to recreate what we are seeing through the Inner Eye.

It seems that for transpersonal artists, in having spoken with others who create in a very similar way to mine, or others who have lived with such transcendental artists who are no longer with us today, that this process, if we want to use that word, is very similar in the way that, whether it is during the dream state, or during meditation, somehow the Self of the artist is effacing during the time that the piece is being created.

We become a sort of vessel, or a channel, for imagery and symbols that come through. The Energy of the vision is so powerful and so strong that everything else that might be happening in ordinary life, that might be occurring in our three-dimensional reality, appears non-essential, and not important, next to translating what has come through us through the Inner Eye, and being able to render it as a fresh vision.

For the primary role of the visionary artist, similar to that of the shaman, is to share that which is seen and experienced in other ‘states of consciousness.” Just as explorers bring home with them objects, artifacts, and stories from their travels to far away lands, so does the transcendental artist return with such gifts to share, from journeys to other planes and dimensions of being, harvested from other frequencies, during dreams, meditation, or while in hypnagogic state.




Transcription by Daniel Alvarado (818) 252-8778